When a scent transports you, a sight inspires you,
a texture delights you, that is when
you’re truly savouring.



Cooking is a form of expression.

It is a process that relies on ingredients and flavor combinations, on the season and what’s naturally available, on techniques, instinct and even on the chef’s mood. Ingredients may vary, recipes may differ, but what never ceases, is the passion.


A young, driven professional taking her passion for hospitality and gastronomy to the next level by pouring her talent into her very own business venture.

After graduating from Glion Institute of Higher Education in Switzerland, Candy decided to pursue cooking in some of the most renowned culinary schools of France. A true believer in the power of education and always-remaining current, Candy is continuously seeking opportunities to refine her skills and further her abilities.
While juggling the many arts of the kitchen, she has taken on the worlds of cuisine, pastry and bakery, always developing innovative ideas and concepts for each.

Candy believes in good wholesome food, balanced meals, a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, but also, lots of butter!
Her philosophy: “it’s always better from scratch.” She is genuinely in love with the whole process, starting with the seedling of an idea to the plated creation, and everything in between.

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